About Stacey Dennick

I’m a writer, editor, digital and print media creator and creative writing instructor. My goal is to help you tell the story you were meant to tell.

A thoughtful and encouraging editor, I help writers shape their memoirs, develop their fiction and focus their non-fiction.

As a media creator (AKA tech geek), I design book layouts, postcards and other graphics; I edit video and podcasts.

I highly recommend Stacey Dennick’s editing services. Her guidance, encouragement and thoughtful revisions allowed me to turn my draft memoir into a readable and entertaining book. I could not have done it without her.

Diana Morgan

Stacey Dennick is a skillful editor, deep and gentle with a light touch that drew me out. She didn’t pressure, but invited me to broaden the scope of my writing. With her light-hearted sense of humor she stimulates the imagination, leaving it up to the writer to take her suggestions. I highly recommend her.

Don Scully

Feel free to contact me about my classes, editorial or media services. I offer a free consultation.

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