I’m teaching three on-going creative writing classes through Santa Rosa Junior College. They are currently conducted via Zoom. One on Wednesday afternoons, 1-4PM, one Fridays from 9am-12pm and another on Fridays from 1-4pm.

SRJC OAP creative writing classes are free, and open to all adults.

The summer semester runs June 15 – July 31, 2020. Fall semester is August 19-December 20, 2020. Come join us for all or part. On-going registration. Contact me for more information.

Stacey’s writing class: creative, inspiring, fun.

Jeana, OAP student

“Stacey provides a comfortable learning atmosphere. I am sharpening my writing skills and  becoming confident in my work by reading it aloud with classmates to critique the work. Stacey incorporates supportive policy to maintain that confidence.  I truly enjoy this class both educationally and socially.” –Tina Riddle Deason

SRJC OAP offers free classes

“I’ve participated in a number of older adult writing classes sponsored by SRJC. While I’ve enjoyed them all, and have learned a great deal, I am thoroughly appreciating Stacey’s class. Since it is a creative writing class, I feel less constrained with subject matter, and genre. I think having the freedom to write what I choose, when I choose is invaluable to me, and for any writer. Stacey is a wonderful facilitator, and instructor.” –Shari Adams

Class Format

• Brief lesson on an aspect of writing craft, (topics include: getting started, writing in first person, structure, writing dialogue, editing, pacing, etc.)

• Feedback from the group, with attention to lots of sincere praise, and just enough, kind, specific suggestions.  

• 5-10 minute stretch break.

 • More readings, feedback, questions, sign-ups to read in the coming weeks.

My classes continually evolve according to students’ needs and requests. Feel free to contact me for more information.