Media Services

Book Design & Layout

Stacey did a GREAT JOB editing and designing my 500+ page family history book project. WOW!

Maureen Somodi, author of “Connections”

I was totally overwhelmed by how beautifully ‘Heart with Wings’ turned out.The spirit of enthusiasm (and expertise!!) you contributed are appreciated more than I can say.

Eleanor Welch

I couldn’t have done it without you.

Kovida Fisher, poet
Hug a Slug, Scoot a Newt: Making Friends with Nature book cover. Designed by Stacey Dennick
  • Picture books for children
  • Poetry
  • Memoir
  • Fiction

Graphics for Web and Print

  • Social media
  • Facebook banners
  • Email announcements
  • Printed postcards
  • Flyers

Thanks for your excellent work on our post card, facebook posting and program.

Nancy Havlik,

Video Editing

Recent video projects include a Women in Tango – Uncredited Protagonists in a Man’s World, and a very silly video for Dana Davidson, Epicenter Pt. Reyes, women’s clothing store.

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Stacey Dennick has worked on several writing and video projects for me and consistently delivers outstanding quality products on a timely basis at very reasonable rates. She has excellent writing and editing skills, along with expertise in still photography and video production and editing, that have helped me turn an idea into a finished article or professional video. I highly recommend her.

S. Alexandra Russell

WordPress websites

Jane Kelly Mosaics Website by Stacey Dennick
Jane Kelly Mosaics, Website by Stacey Dennick

I HIGHLY recommend Stacey to work with for your video / internet / website projects! She made my website, and updates it. She has made 2 videos for my business. She is a wonderful writer. She is a super easy to work with tech geek, who is fun to collaborate with and brings wonderful, fresh ideas to the table every time I have a project. Last but not least, she is very reasonable! 

Dana Davidson, Designer/Owner

Podcast Writing/Editing

Weird Sister Logo,  a podcast about art, science, and culture as viewed through the lens of neurodiversity.

C.C. Hart taps my word and audio editing skills for her Weird Sister podcasts about art, science, and culture as viewed through the lens of neurodiversity.

Learn about reframing synesthesia, ADHD, Autism, and other neurodiverse traits on C.C. Hart’s website,, or by following her Weird Sister podcast.