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Mosaic artist Jane Kelly in her studio, photo by Stacey DennickI’m so pleased to have just about completed mosaic artist Jane Kelly’s new website and blog.  She needed a site that showcases her beautiful work, and is easy for her to update with photos and information about where and when she’ll be selling her mosaic pieces.

I suggested WordPress site for its ease of use, and the SEO (search engine optimization) provided by a blog.   When you blog, Google and all the other search engines notice, even if no humans read your blog.  That’s how you get found in online searches.

Of course people will check out her site, so I took some photos of Jane in her studio.  Seeing a face and a place helps patrons connect with the artist.    After the shoot, Jane said, “Thanks for making it fun.”  I specialize in putting people at ease so we can get quick and painless headshots.  I also like to take shots of art in progress, to show all the work that goes into each piece.

This is particularly useful in my husband Leland Dennick’s case, as fused glass and glass casting are so technically complex and difficult to explain.ldcastingbamboo600

Need an inexpensive, easy to use website/blog?  I provide a quick, low cost service including photographs and training on how to update it yourself.  I also specialize in product photography.  Great for applying to art shows, for online sales sites such as Etsy, and to keep a record of your creations.

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Etsy shop makeover

Has anyone not heard of online craft and vintage superstore Etsy by now?  Photographs sell products on Etsy.  Descriptions help.  If you don’t have strong photos, you won’t have strong sales, or get into galleries, fairs or heaven.  Okay, you might still get into heaven, but not artist nirvana.

Artist Susan Wosk enlisted my help to transform her Etsy shop.  She paints Mexican picture frames and fills them with whimsical images. They’re three dimensional, tin wall niches with protective glass over the pictures. Very fun, and also very challenging to photograph. Many cameras can’t focus correctly on glass. Plus, the reflections that make glass so beautiful can create glare, hot spots or confusing reflections.  But not to fear, my Canon T3 camera is here, uh, there!

Holy Nichos!  Pansy garden frameHere’s the old photo of the pansy flower frame.  It’s colorful and focused with no glare or hot spots (easier said than done) but the background is too cluttered and it would look better lighter (IMHO).

For the new photo I used white foamcore for the background (no ironing required), propped the frame up with a small bowl so it wouldn’t look distorted, and shot it with a large f stop for better depth of field.

Holy Nichos!  Pansy garden frame

I still had to take some blue out of the background and up the saturation in Photoshop, but it only took a couple of minutes.

I think you’ll agree it’s a much cleaner, more professional photo.

I like white backgrounds because they really let the product stand out without adding colors.  In the next example the turquoise tablecloth made the top of the sacred heart nicho look turquoise, rather than the green it really is. That could upset someone who bought it sight unseen, over the internet.

Sacred Heart by Holy Nichos!Sacred Heart by Holy Nichos!
For the new shot, rather than shooting head on, I tilted the nicho to create a diagonal line that draws the eye and adds a sense of movement.

I’d love to transform your Etsy shop too. Don’t have one? I can help you set it up. Shoot me an email – Stacey

Ye Old Video projects from the 1990’s

Company profiles

I’ve edited company profiles for dozens of companies including:

Aldus Corporation / Allied-Signal Corporation/ Altera Semiconductor / American Airlines / American MetroComm / Apple Computer, Inc. / Architrek / Ascom Timeplex, Inc. /Avis Rent A Car / British Petroleum / Carrier1 / Cisco Systems / Citrix Systems / Concentric Networks Corporation /CSX Corporation / Dream Quest Images / Eastman Kodak / Enron Corporation / Ernst & Young / Federal Emergency Management Administration / Gemini Consulting / General Dynamics, Inc. / Genuity / Hambrecht & Quist / KPMG / L.L. Bean / The Los Angeles Times / Martin Marietta / McDonnell Douglas / MCI / Monsanto Company /Northwest Airlines /PeopleSoft / Rhythms / Salomon Smith Barney / Seafirst Bank / Southern California Edison /State of Alaska / Thames Water / Univeristy of Michigan Medical Center / U S West Communications / Valvoline / Val-Pak, Inc. / Walter Reed Army Hospital /Worldstar

Doctor from Apple video edited by Stacey Dennick

Apple Computer

My favorite and most prolific client for many years, projects for Apple Computer included hour-long productions of the Apple Seminar for One. Each edition focused on a single computing issue and featured demos, executive and industry analyst interviews, and stories about customers who were successful users of Apple products.

Topics included:
Application Development in the 1990’s
Connectivity, Designing Client/Server Systems
Introducing Power Macintosh, Mobile Computing
Newton Enterprise Applications, Strategies for Information Access and The Apple/IBM Alliance.

Other programs I worked on for Apple Computer included:
Newton 2.0 – Info to GoEnterprise Live! a parody of SNL for Apple Computer
Apple QuickDraw 3D
Apple Trackpad
MacWorld 1994 videos
Enterprise Now! video parodies of Saturday Night Live, created for Apple’s 1992 sales conference.
Mobile Computing
Apple in Education
Apple Small Business

Satellite Uplinks: Newton in Your Business, Customer Service, Mobile Computing, Computing Economics.

Cisco Systems

Cisco SystemsI’ve edited approximately 2,398 informational seminar videos for Cisco Systems,making me a expert on ancient router trivia. Like most of the above videos, Cisco’s programs were crafted from lengthy interviews on technical subjects.

Okay, it was actually closer to 35 Cisco videos.

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