“Just My Luck” memoir by Stacey Alysa Dennick

The warm ocean undulates between sets of six-foot swells.  I swim naked except for one fin, loaned to me by one of a dozen body surfers here at Hanakapiai beach, on Kauai’s rustic North shore.  I’m proud to be the only woman in the water.  This is the bravest, most athletic thing I’ve ever done.  … Continue reading “Just My Luck” memoir by Stacey Alysa Dennick

News – autumn 2012

• Check out my latest video profile of modern abstract painter, Suzanne Edminster   Praise from my latest print editing clients: "Your compliments make me happy and the suggestions make me think. Thanks for being a great teacher!" – Anne Berry. "Your suggestions for altering sentences often leave me muttering, 'Of course, why didn't I … Continue reading News – autumn 2012

“Lessons” memoir by Stacey Alysa Dennick

Published in "More Bridges: The 2007 San Francisco Writers Conference Anthology" Lessons Yambo was wiry, quick, dark mahogany; always neatly dressed in button down shirts and khaki shorts. He had a handsome oval face, large round eyes, a fast mouth and mean hands. Yambo was just a little nine-year-old, but he was already big trouble. … Continue reading “Lessons” memoir by Stacey Alysa Dennick