Car Karma, by Stacey A Dennick

A winner in the Pacific Sun’s annual “Freeway Fiction” contest. Entries had to be exactly 101 words in length (excluding title).

Car Karma

I stop at the yellow light as it turns red.  In the car behind me, hands are thrown up in disgust.  Turning onto Franklin Street enveloped in classical music the screech of a skidding car intrudes.  Thunk, crunch, whoah!  My Honda rotates in a gentle 180-degree arc on the rain slick pavement.  On the sidewalk a grey haired woman mouths, “Are you okay?”
My car points at traffic.  U-turn, parallel park, a crowd coagulates.  Concerned faces peer.
“Are you okay?”  Dazed, I let the other driver hug me.
“I’m okay.”
How can I explain the damage to my faith in justice?


© 2012 Stacey Alysa Dennick, all rights reserved.

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